2011-12 Basketball Season Thoughts – Megan Rahn

Megan Rahn, Senior

I am a senior at Meredith College preparing to graduate in May. I will graduate as a four year member of the Meredith Basketball team and a two year captain. Being a college athlete, whether it be at a Division I school or a Division III school, takes commitment, determination, and above all a love for the game.  In the last month of my career I spent a lot of time reflecting on my time, experiences, and relationships I have accumulated over the years. It’s extremely hard to explain to someone why I love being a part of my team so much, because unless you experience it…you will never know!

During a season you spend more time with your team than you will with your friends and your family, so you can’t help but admit that you have adopted a new family of 15. You lean on your teammates for the tough times and the good times. Through more bus rides than I can remember, to the most remote locations of Virginia you can imagine, my teammates have been there through the whole thing.

In my four years at Meredith I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime but what is even more rewarding than any win in a basketball season is knowing that when I look back on my college years I will know that my team made it worth it. Through all the two-a-days, preseason workouts, fitness test, sprints, sweat, blood, tears, and smiles I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Megan Rahn, Senior