2011 Volleyball Season Thoughts – Caroline Cobb

Caroline Cobb, Junior

What’s it like to have eleven sisters? How does it feel to live in a family of fourteen? It’s a place where laughs and hard work are plentiful and the fun is abundant. Most people know us as a sports team, but to those that know us well, we are a family.

Together we have traveled many journeys. Whether it be bus trips across Virginia or battles on the court, we have forged a path and made a name for ourselves. We have overcome injuries and struggles, but we have learned to shine in adversity. This season our team broke a record; Meredith Volleyball exceeded its highest number of wins in a season.

It’s hard to understand what makes hours of practice and commitment worth the sweat and pain. In the midst of sprints on the track and reps of weights in the gym, why do we work so hard? The feeling of victory is addictive; it’s the rallies that last and last, but end in a valiant dig by your defense and a kill by your best friend. I am part of a family where it doesn’t matter who makes the play, we all win the point.

Caroline Cobb, Junior


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